When A Shadow is Forced into the Light Tour 2019: The Big finale

Our European Tour has came to an end. Last night we gave our final show in Hamburg, Germany and we can definitely say it was a fucking awesome one.

A big thank you to our brothers from Swallow The Sun and our insane Texan friends from Oceans of Slumbers for being the most amazing people to hang out and work with every day and night. Let’s do it again guys, we had a blast. 🙂

A huge thank you to our sound engineer Matti (Kynsijärvi Live Mixing) for giving us the best sound ever. Sami, our tour manager for taking good care of us in every detail…it was an absolute pleasure working with you man.

Greetings to the rest of the StS crew Jarno and Toni…we didn’t know you before but glad we do now. Thanks to our angel Crissy for taking care of our contacts and social media while being busy.

Our bigBro Filip for always supporting our dreams and last but not least thanks to each one of you who came to see us and shared your love and admiration for the music we play. We knew we had amazing fans all over Europe but we honestly didn’t expect to receive such a warm welcoming every night and that’s was quite priceless for everyone in the band. Btw our merch boxes/suitcases are empty 🙂  you guys rock. \m/

We are definitely tired now and we all long for our beds back at home but we are also grateful as hell. \m/

For now let’s have a well deserved sleep and recovery from last night’s hangover and will be back soon to share some other news with you.