Recordings/New EP

So how things are proceeding with the New EP? This is one of the questions we are getting a lot lately so let’s briefly give you some info…although we are going do it again some time later.

So the good news are that the drums, bass, guitars and keyboards have been recorded and this weekend we are going back to Deep Noises Studios in Kouvola to record Ville’s growls. Few days later Gogo will be hitting the studio to record her beautiful vocals too and according to our schedule we would be start mixing and mastering the EP at the mid of August. This is going to be the most difficult and picky job to do but also quite important. 🙂 We are collaborating again with Saku Moilanen (Red Moon Architect, Wolfheart etc.) so our sound is going to be on the same level with our previous works and maybe a bit more darker. 😉 Saku is no less than a good friend and a brother to us so working with him is fun and best choice ever.

The graphics for the physical release and our new merchandise will again have the signature of Gogo. This time she’s working on something very dramatic and meaningful which is exactly the type of art our EP needs.

Meanwhile studio reports will be posted online during this time. As for the release date, we’re aiming for an autumn release and this is the plan so as soon as we have some things done we will give you an official date plus the title of the EP. Get ready for something very depressive.