Quick update: Limited Edition Boxes

Good morning guys! Since some of you have asked to see how the limited edition boxes really look like here’s a quick update from the band.

It might ended up looking a bit different from the mockup picture we originally provided but as we said before this is a total handmade material and it takes days and hours to be made by one person so we hope to like the final look and appreciate our effort to come up here with something special. We are personally very proud of it.

Last week, once we were ready to ship the boxes we noticed that all our “Tree” necklaces were sold out from the European Tour and that particular piece is part of the box edition so a certain human being again (Gogo) had quickly to create some for you and she’s still working on them now in order to be able to make our fans happy. 

We apologise for the delay and we kindly ask for your understanding now. Please give us few more days and Friday we will be able to start shipping.