News and future plans!!!

Moi everyone,

I hope you’re holding up well.

Just came by to say hello and wish you to have a nice weekend. I’m working on demo tracks now, doing a lovely guest for a very cool cosmic band.🌙 I obviously can’t say more, not yet but be patient and you will learn everything about it a bit later.

As Aeonian Sorrow and because a lot of you have already asked the band to drop few lines regarding the new album, we must say that 2021 doesn’t look different from 2020 and we all know the main reason why (Covid-19, lockdowns, no gigs etc.).

So instead of taking high risks now, spend money and be in a rush with the release of it, we prefer to take our time this year and prepare this new record with the utmost attention and devotion. We hope this doesn’t bring you disappointment but only confidence as we are working on something really really good.

But this year won’t be completely lost, we have other plans related to music so stay connected with us and let’s see. 😉

Cheers and stay safe🤘
Gogo & Aeonian Sorrow