Greetings friends,

As the studio recordings for our next full length album have been temporarily arranged, it is now time to search for a new drummer who’s going to join the band for planned shows across the world and future new music with a plan his position to become permament.

* Someone who either lives in Finland or Greece
* Someone with skills and experience
* Ready to play with clicks and backing tracks
* Be able to practice alone too before showing up at the studio
* Available to travel for shows, rehearsals etc.
* Someone to like playing Doom Metal and adapt well with the band’s sound

Attention: If you are a member of another band or ex-member and have materials then do not hesitate to share them with us. This always helps.

Our studio rooms are based in Finland (Kouvola, Kotka) so the drummer we are looking for must be able to join us when there is a call for recordings, practice or other stuff.

If you think you’re the right person for this position then please contact with us at aeoniansorrow@gmail.com

Thanks for your time and good luck!